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Welcome to Reception!

We are so excited to welcome all the new children to Reception and Daresbury Primary School and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead where we will learn many new things.

Mrs Lockhart and Mrs Moore are here to support you and your child so please feel free to grab us in the morning or send us a message via seesaw.

School Day Checklist:
  • All uniform and PE kits clearly labelled
  • Wellingtons and if possible puddle suit (To be kept in school for outdoor play)
  • Labelled water bottle, school bottles are ideal as they do not leak.
  • Book bags, ideally with a small key ring so children can recognise them.
  • Additional pair of pants, socks placed in PE bags and kept in school.
  • Lunch, unless your child is ordering a hot lunch
  • Snack, unless your child is ordering toast. We would suggest that snacks are placed inside book bags rather than lunch boxes as this can confuse the children.
  • Reading records and books to be in bags every day
  • Dream reads (library books) returned on a Friday.
Communication between school and home

Mrs Lockhart and Mrs Moore are here to support both the children and parents and their main form of communication within this academic year is Seesaw. We are aware that most of you are new to Seesaw so if you need any guidance on how to work the app, please do not hesitate to ask. If you need to send a message then please try to do this through, the inbox tool on Seesaw. Although seesaw is monitored continuously, we would ask that messages with regards attendance or picking up/collecting are done via the office as we would hate to miss anything important. Both Mrs Lockhart and Mrs Moore have families at home and although do work late into the evenings, please do not always expect a message to be returned outside of school hours. 

Rules, learning behaviours and rewards

Within our school all children are taught to follow 3 key words: kind, safe and ready. Alongside this, we are developing children's ability to discuss their learning and helping them develop a language to talk about their own learning. The children in school today are going to be facing huge challenges in the wider world and we are working with them to develop skills and attitudes that will help them be successful in the wider world. Daresbury’s Learning Behaviours are: Collaborating, Active Listening, Showing Curiosity, Being Independent and Reflecting. In the coming weeks more will be shared with you and your child about our learning behaviours and how they will be used around the school and in each class. We consistently give out stickers for charts within the classroom focusing on the school rules and learning behaviours and will also celebrate success on a Friday within special mentions.


Reading and Reading logs

Please see separate letter

Friday – All books must be returned as they will be changed on this day

Monday- Specific phonic books will be allocated to seesaw


** It is essential that you remember to bring your child’s book back weekly as we have limited options to share **



 The children are expected to read every night or at least 3 times per week. Alongside this reception home work includes:

  • Weekly practise of new letter sounds (these will be put onto tapestry on a Monday)
  • After half term we also will be giving out weekly spellings.

** There may be times that we send home additional challenges or give children individual targets to work on but we believe the above homework is crucial to having the best start in school life **



Reception children will have ONE session of PE a week but this will gradually increase to two. This term PE will take place on a WEDNESDAY afternoon with Coach Craig. Alongside this, we have continued access to our outdoor play area. Children are required to come into school wearing their PE kits on their PE days. We request the children to wear a school PE kit with a logo or a plain white t-shirt with plain black shorts/bottoms. We also have a school hoodie which can be worn as a jumper on PE days as part of the PE Kit. Children in reception, can sometimes leave school rather dirty, especially after a fun day playing in the mud kitchen, riding the bikes and painting however we always see it as a sign of a really fun day! We would suggest that parents have some spare uniform at home so they aren’t frantically washing the night before.


Every Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Lockhart will be out of class to have time for planning, preparation and assessment. During this time Class 1 will be taught Spanish, PHSE and PE by Mrs Stewart, Mrs Unsworth and Coach Craig. Mrs Lockhart will also be out of class on a Thursday afternoon to fulfil SENDco duties.

Curriculum Map

Please CLICK on the link to see Class 1’s curriculum map for the year. Our first topic is All About Me so please talk to your child about their body parts, family, age, pets, what they were like as babies etc.


We are often asked in school if we can recommend any apps. Below is a list of apps which we use in school to support learning:

  • Pocket Phonics
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Twinkl phonics
  • Toca Boca apps
  • Beebot
  • Pocket phonics
  • Sparkle Paint
  • Hickory dickory dock
  • Bugs and numbers
  • Reading eggs
  • Phonics with letter lilies
  • Hairy letters
  • Teach your monster to read